Sunday, June 27, 2004

Bruce Jenner, eat my dust

After four days of shlumping around with a wicked head cold and another week of half-hearted workouts, I finally cleared the fog from my head and got serious again about exercise.

Why? Because I want to look and feel as healthy as possible. Okay, the other real reason: I'm running in the Army 10-miler on October 24th.

The course is probably among the most scenic of race courses: It begins at the Pentagon, heads across the Memorial Bridge, winds through downtown D.C., past the Lincoln Memorial, the World War II memorial, the Capitol, and other historic landmarks.

Today I ran 4 miles in 30 minutes, 20 seconds. Now the trick is doing that for another 6 miles with hundreds of people running next to you.

After that I rode my bike for 20 minutes at a good clip, logging another 7 miles, then did some squats and lunges with 15-lb. weights.

Then I went home and inhaled a pizza. Kidding.

I ate what dieticians call a "heart-healthy meal": pan-seared tilapia with a lemon and caper reduction, risotto and steamed broccoli. Extremely yummy. (Of course, with the exercise I had today, stale crackers and a moldy wedge of cheese would have tasted like haute cuisine.)

Now I must eat a square of dark chocolate before I go to bed because I've been just so damned virtuous.

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