Monday, August 09, 2004

Vegas coda and workin' it at UNITY

Before my trip to Las Vegas fades into memory, here are a few more photos (scroll down). I felt like a Japanese tourist taking photos of the prime rib, but it's a funny picture, n'est ce-pas?!

More thoughts on the UNITY journalism convention: I ambled by the Wall Street Journal booth at the job fair last Friday and got to talking to one of the recruiters. She then asked for my resume. I gave one to her. She perused it, gave an approving nod, asked me to send her some of my news stories, then handed me an invite to a private reception later that evening. The reception gave WSJ editors and management a chance to look over promising job candidates, and vice versa.

I told her I wasn't really looking for a job and that I only recently started covering business. She said, "That's fine," but that if she likes my clips, she'd like to track me as I become more knowledgeable about my beat, and that perhaps we can talk in the future about a potential position. Hmm. How flattering. One should always keep one's options open.

I have two casual friends who work at the WSJ. One has been there for awhile, while the second will start in a few weeks. Perhaps I'll give them a buzz and get their take on working there.

Connie Chung spoke at the gala banquet at the convention for the Asian American Journalists Association last Friday night (each of the four journalism groups sponsoring the convention held a banquet). She seemed like she had a couple of drinks before she spoke: She was relaxed, funny, and kind of kooky. She sang - in an off-key alto - a ribald ditty to the tune of "Love and Marriage" about the Democratic National Convention, skewering John Kerry, Dubya, and Dan Rather, her old nemesis at CBS.

Who knew Connie had a sense of humor?! Of course, she can afford to now that she doesn't have to kowtow to the idiots at CNN, who axed her show this spring.

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  1. You took a pic of the prime rib? That's funny. LOL! But in a good way, of course. ;-) Sunset Station has good prime rib. The Sahara's, even though it was cheap, was not so good.

    Definitely you should keep your options open. You never know if one of these could be possibilites of furthering your career. I know I am! :-)

    CNN may have gotten rid of Connie, but they made a savvy move when they got Anderson Cooper. Not only is he talented, smart, and funny, but he is also hot. I know, I'm a strange girl.