Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Yep, Still in California

We left Tahoe and traveled down the Sierra Nevadas into the East Bay on Sunday. Ate a fabulous sushi dinner at Miraku (best place in the Bay area for sushi, hands down) with my SO and his mom last night for his birthday. Upon over-hearing it was his birthday, the owner/sushi chef poured us all a generous shot of his best sake (with bits of gold in it). Mmm. Very smooth, tasting faintly of almonds.

Yesterday, I also took BART to San Francisco, where I wandered Chinatown while nibbling on creamy egg tarts, gave my quads a workout by hiking up and down some very hilly streets, and sale-shopped with the best of them - elbows out - at the stores in Union Square.

Score: a sexy silk camisole in dusky rose for $10 and a sporty short skirt for $4.99. It was so hot in the city that I wore the camisole for the rest of the afternoon. It's good to feel sun on one's bare shoulders.

Vacation's over and it's back to work, but here's a quick rundown of what else "I did on my Tahoe vacation":

* Biked 30 miles along the Truckee River one afternoon.
* Read three novels and started a fourth.
* Ate dinner at the once-famous, still fabulous, Frank Sinatra-owned Cal-Neva Resort in Incline Village.
* Ran several miles. Then a few more. Then a few more.
* Took the boat out on the lake and perused the middle distance.
* Hiked down to beautiful Emerald Bay - a must on any visit to Tahoe.
* On the fifth day of vacation, finally broke the workaholic habit of checking to see what's happening in Washington.

Sunny here, Thunderstoms there: Ha. I'll be in California through this weekend (am going to the central valley tomorrow to report on a news story), where it's sunny and hot and not a cloud in the sky. Perfect weather for me. Washington, meanwhile, is feeling the effects of Florida's Hurricane Frances - thunderstorms, cloudy and chance of flooding through Thursday.

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