Monday, November 01, 2004

Election Eve

This is it, guys. Tomorrow, cast your vote for prez. It matters. I'm part of the election coverage team at my paper. My story: security at polling places nationwide. Hmm.

Blog blather: I'll be so glad when this election season is over, as will most of my reporter colleagues. It's been one hell of a busy slog. And I'll be happy to see the eventual wane of the tons of political web logs out there (wishful thinking?). Few if any are worth reading; most are just a lot of hot air by blowhards with a dearth of knowledge but not of opinion.

Talk about a waste of bandwidth.

That's right, I'm talking to you Instapundit, Josh Marshall, et al. Shut up already.

I also registered today for the Las Vegas Half-Marathon, slated for January 30, 2005. I've got my fiance and one friend so far signed up. Feel free to join us; training for this race is a great way to stay in shape during the bleak winter months. And a sure-fire way for Type A folks like us to blow off some steam.

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  1. Oh, calm down about bloggers, Bex. They're just another check on the system, and by virtue of their numbers, they tend to self-correct as a group. I read the NYT and WaPo every morning, but without blogs I would miss about half of what I eventually read, the stuff that gets buried on A18 or only shows up in the international media. You're still the breadwinner, but blogs are the part-time working mom (maybe even your "better half"!).