Thursday, November 11, 2004

gotta start cleaning the house

I'm pushing around the idea of having Thanksgiving at my house for a handful of friends and others who can't go home for the holiday.

My SO and I - and at least one friend here - are from California, and that's just too damn far to brave the airport crowds and fly all day, only to turn around and fly back a mere two days later. I can only stand so much stale, faintly stinky pressurized cabin air. Especially since we're heading to the coast for Christmas.

If I do host Thanksgiving, I'll be in the kitchen two days straight. Plus I have to roast a traditional bird as well as a tofu turkey for the vegetarian folks.

Someone talk me out of this (I say as I flip through stacks of Gourmet, my food porn du jour.)

1 comment:

  1. you can do it! and kudos for doing a veggie option. after 14 years of being a vegetarian, my own family doesn't do "veggie."