Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Metro Blues and Running

Meant to post yesterday, but time flies when you're working like a dog.

Metro blues: People traffic seems to be lighter on my Metro commutes ever since one train slammed into another one at Woodley Park Station twof weeks ago. For you Metro commuters who want to give a piece of your mind to Metro honchos about the increase of delays, fares and overall headaches of our dear subway system, head over to Metro headquarters tonight: Its first town hall meeting starts at 7 p.m. and an open house begins at 6 p.m.

Running update: I did not enjoy my run on Sunday morning. No, not one bit. It was 28 degrees and windy, so it felt even colder. With no hat, thin gloves and a cotton sweatshirt (cotton's not good for running as it gets heavy when you sweat, which chills you), I was underdressed.

My friend, A, and I ran around the National Mall. It is not six miles round trip, as I'd said earlier, but four miles. It was a sunny morning, but the unremitting flatness of the terrain made the run boring, never mind the gorgeous monuments.

And it's no fun dodging groups of slow-walking tourists who take over the sidewalks, leaving little room to veer around them. We were going to run 7-8 miles, but I couldn't seem to warm up and felt creaky and slow. I'm a California girl, after all. So we quit after 6.5 miles, streched in front of the barricaded Capitol, and drank hot chocolate.

Yesterday I ran four fast miles on a treadmill. Today, it's an outside recovery run of 6 miles. It's 40 degrees. Still chilly for me, but I'm prepared: I brought a hat and warm running clothes with me. Take that, winter!

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  1. I definately need something warmer for winter runs. When its cold, I don't know if I would sweat that much, even wearing a big sweatshirt. Definately need the hat though. Brrrrrrr.