Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Pins and Needles

I'm still in the office. Today was a busy day, but tomorrow will be even busier, so to be better prepared, I'm putting together a list of sources across the country I'll contact tomorrow for an election story. It's going to be a Bex blitzkrieg of calls.

Popped out a little while ago for a quick margarita with friends. We watched the TV at a local bar, which was tuned to CNN. Guffawed at Blitzer and Greenfield who filled up a lot of air time by basically saying they have no idea who'll be president.

"Barkeep!" I yelled at the the black-clad, moussed dude giving me moony-eyes behind the bar. "Another drink!"

My voting experience: It took me an hour-and-a-half to vote today. There was already a line 75 people deep when I got to my polling site at 7:15 a.m. My editor called me on my cell phone just as soon as I'd stepped inside the building, and I promptly got screamed at by an elderly poll volunteer: "Cell phones are not allowed inside!"

Hookay, lady, relax. Don't want to raise your blood pressure.

Blue to Red?: After I voted, I interviewed the assistant principal for one election-related story, then called our photo editor. When I was on the phone, a well-coiffed, middle-aged woman came up to me, looked at me questioningly, and asked, "You're with the Bush/Cheney team, right?"

I'm wearing a trim red sleeveless top, asymmetrical black skirt, tall black boots and a red coat. What, I look Republican(?). Showing admirable restraint, I didn't say, "Hell, No!" or "Who do you think I am, a freaking idiot?!"

I merely smiled and shook my head.

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