Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Hey y'all. Posting will spotty this week as I'm in the San Joaquin Valley of California for a news story. It's foggy and cold here, and I'm dealing with sources who are now media-shy because of all the pushy and stupid TV reporters out here in the past couple of weeks. Of more which, later.

I was supposed to return to Washington on Wednesday evening, but won't be back until Saturday. That means I'm missing both the NPR holiday party and my company Xmas party. Am I a dedicated reporter, or what?!

But still running: As soon as I got off the plane on Sunday evening, I went on a 4- mile run. For some reason, I got really bad stomach cramps (because I was cooped up in a little tin box for six hours in the air?!) . Yesterday, I ran 5 miles in 42 minutes - that's fast for me.


  1. The NPR holiday party? Are you serious?! Now THAT is cool. Ofcourse, you're going to miss it this year, but its cool to be invited.

  2. That's a fast 5 miler. Have fun in Cali.

  3. I'd love to hear more about your process of reporting this story to share with my high school journalists! Great run, by the way.