Tuesday, December 28, 2004

New Running Partner

We sprung Nelson! Me and the friendly and mellow Lab/Dobie mix on our way out of the Washington, D.C. Animal Rescue League this afternoon.

After signing duplicate forms promising that we would never abuse or neglect him, forking over a $100 adoption fee plus another $25 in donations, and ordering a bone-shaped stainless steel dog tag, we were handed Nelson, the big guy you see above, along with 5 pounds of Science Diet, a red nylon collar, leash, and halter collar.

Some of the information the rescue league gave us said that our new dog may be freaked out and anxious for the first week. But Nelson's been here only a few hours, and he's so relaxed that he's sprawled out, dozing, next to me. Of course, a vigorous 3-mile hilly walk this afternoon helped.

I'm going to start training him tomorrow if he's going to start running with me soon. He has to understand not to pull on the leash and stay on my left side. I'm also going to gradually up his cardio work. This dog's gotta keep up with me on my workouts.

Thanks for all of your kind comments about my finally getting Nelson. I really appreciate it. If any of you run with your dog and have some tips on that, I'd love to hear them.


  1. Congratulations on the dog! It's always nice when people adopt animals. You should post pictures more often too. The camera, um, likes you.

  2. Welcome home, Nelson. I have a feeling it won't take long for a dog like that to get into the running. If he were a dacschu...dasach...wiener-dog you'd be in trouble.


  3. Horray for Nelson! Welcome home! He is sooo cute! And I'm sure that he appreciates you! Our two dogs are adopted and are total loving goofballs.

    I haven't run with mine, but my understanding is that you should introduce Nelson to running the same way humans do. Run-walk sessions. Shorter distances to start and then increase mileage. Make sure there's a place where he can get a drink. And check with your vet first, in case there's a heart murmor or joint problems or something.

  4. Oh what a cutie. I'll bet Nelson is soooo happy to have found such a good home. Enjoy:)

  5. Good luck - my lab (Bear) still pulls at the leash for at least the first mile, he's such a glutton for running. Then again, that could well just be my lack of dog-training skills. He looks eager!

  6. yay! congrats! i'm so excited for you!


  7. You can teach Nelson there are two kinds of outings. The kind where you are wearing running clothes is a very different kind than the sniff & socialize. When you are wearing running clothes Nelson's "job" is to stay with you, the leader, and forsake all other distractions.

    If you let him sniff and "post comments" the neighborhood doggie bulletin board after your run or when you are wearing regular clothes, he'll figure out the difference.

    Oh yeah, they always heel better after 30 minutes or so.

    Karen C. in Calgary
    who will have another dog... eventually

  8. Hey!
    Great pic of you and Nelson. Cute dog! I'm glad you finally got him. :-)