Saturday, December 11, 2004

Saturday, and I'm in the Office

Get to work: I really should be working on a news story that I have to file before I leave for California tomorrow on a 4-day business trip. So what am I doing here blogging? Let's say I'm warming up my typing fingers.

Hey, nothing like a deadline breathing down your neck - I've got 2 1/2 hours before I have to leave for the Washington Post magazine holiday party. It'll be at a Japanese restaurant downtown. Nothing like free saketinis and sushi for motivation.

Ich liebe creme brulee: I threw a dinner party last night for some old friends of my SO. One, J, is a classmate from Oxford, and the other, A, is a former colleague at the Washington Post. They both brought their kids, which totaled 5 children under the age of 5(!).

J is German and a journalist for Der Spiegel; he's here in Washington on a year-long fellowship. He and his wife want their two young daughters to be bilingual, so while he speaks to them in German, his wife, P, who is German but grew up in Paris, speaks to the kids in French.

I cooked an Asian-influenced meal (tofu with black mushrooms in an oyster sauce, braised garlic chicken, sauteed broccoli), which they apparently liked, given their second helpings (which warmed the cockles of my cold little heart). But J absolutely loved the ginger creme brulee I made. He kept scraping his spoon in the ramekin to get every last little bit, then asked for the recipe, which I happily gave.


  1. I think I love creme brulee too. I think I had that once at a conference dinner. Don't they light on fire to carmelize it or something?

    Sounds like you are quite the cook and dinner hostess, bex. :)

  2. Wow, you sound like a kitchen goddess. The creme broulee sounds so yummy.

  3. Ok, that sounds sooooo good. Too good. I think I have to go out to dinner tonight. My salad and crackers just won't make it:)