Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Vroom vroooom

Baby is damn broke: My little Honda Civic just cost me big bucks. I paid more than $1,300 today to replace cracked CV boots, fix the clutch master, install a new computer, and god knows what else. Just in time for Christmas. :-( Everyone's getting homemade cookies and truffles this year.

I bought the car almost seven years ago, just before I started a series of journalism internships and fellowships up and down the Eastern Seaboard. I needed a cheap and reliable little auto. And it has been. But now that I can afford a nicer car, my SO wants me to buy a new one.

"How about an Acura TL?," he asks. "Or an Infiniti G35?"

Being the environmentally-conscious and frugal person that I am, I shake my head no (though I do desperately covet the muscular and super-fast G35). But it is so nice not to have monthly car payments, n'est ce-pas?! Plus, I'm attached to this car. And given my antipathy towards driving in Washington, I take the Metro to work, anyway.

Speaking of which ....

Things not to do on the Metro: Pulling out your eyelashes. Picking your nose. Snoring. For some reason beyond me, sometimes people forget they're on the Metro (read: public place, close quarters) and reveal their icky private habits.

Most Washington metro commuters act impeccably. But every once in a while, a clueless boor insists on doing something really disgusting, like taking off his shoe and peeling off the rough callous on his heel. I'm going to start bringing a squirt bottle of water with me. Next time something like that happens, I'll spray the sucker quickly, like one would a spazzy cat.

No run today: I'm on the verge of getting sick. I've a headache that won't go away, body aches, and an overall sense of malaise. Not good, as I'm going to Philadelphia tomorrow for work, then off to California on Sunday for a 4-day business trip. Gotta get a good sleep tonight.

Where's the chicken soup?!


  1. Um, did you say truffles? Won't you need my mailing address? :)

  2. Ooooh, sorry about the car. What a pain that is. Don't let the travel get you down...take care.

  3. Homemade stuff and truffles are best gifts ever to receive. I take public transit to get to work too and there are some strange riders but they provide good stuff to write about sometime. I've had to change to a different time because of the BO woman who bathes only on Mondays and Thursdays so we sit far away during the other days.
    Get plenty of rest and chicken soup.