Friday, January 21, 2005

I Need Snowshoes

Up to 10 inches of snow will blanket the metro Washington area by tomorrow evening. I didn't get to work out today (free weights and 3-mile easy run) because of work, but I hope to tomorrow. Somehow, some way.

I'm also supposed to do some reporting tomorrow morning, but if the winter storm hits pretty hard, then that's out the window. Which is not good. I've also got a party to attend tomorrow night. Thankfully, it'll be at a friend's place only 2 blocks from a Metro station.

Just checked the temperature in Las Vegas, where I'll run a half-marathon a week from Sunday. The skies are clear and temps are in the upper 60's. Now that's more like it.

Running High: So a number of my non-running friends think I've become a running fanatic. Just because I run 3-4 times a week - logging a fairly low 20-25 miles in that time - and "compete" (and I use that term loosely) in races.

As y'all know, that ain't nothin'.

Many runners routinely run 50 miles a week or more, plan their work, family and social life around hitting the pavement and trails, and spend a not insignificant amount of their disposable income on running gear.

Not that I aspire to that.

Moving to the competition: Blogger has been great for newbie bloggers like me, but now I'd like to do more with my site (add photo albums, graphics, and have a cleaner design), so I'm thinking of signing up with Typepad. Anyone want to weigh in on Typepad's pros and cons?


  1. I got sick of Blogger going down and locking up all the time so I took Mark up on his offer to go over to his server, which uses WordPress. Much nicer. Its not as simple as blogger to set up stuff because I had to learn a different code (PHP) but you can get the hang of it after a while.

  2. i like typepad much better than blogger. it's a bit more stable, i think. i have been considering moving from typepad pro myself because of some design issues i have, but they are very technical in nature. for what you are looking for, i would highly recommend it. good luck!


  3. Never used TypePad but always heard good things about it from others.

    And yes, you are a running fanatic, though you're on the lower level of fanaticism. Like a Trekkie with a cardboard figure of Kirk but not Spock.

  4. Typepad's nice (and doesn't have the 60 second wait that almost stopped me from leaving this comment). They have good utilities to import your old blog, comments, et cetera and by and large it "just works." Their photo albums are nice too, and very easy to use.

  5. I use Typepad. It's easy and flexible...and I prefer not learning any more coding!