Monday, April 25, 2005

After a long silence ...

A quick update. Don't know what's come over me recently. Work, running, doing errands, going out with friends - these are some of the things that have precluded me from blogging the past couple of weeks. And the more I put it off, the guiltier I felt, and resolved to write a wonderful, chatty and informative post when I finally took the time to log on. Which sapped my energy just thinking of it.

Anyway. I ran a local 15K (9.3 miles) the Saturday before last. There were only about 40 runners, mostly guys. It was a clear, freezing cold (38 degrees) and windy morning. I ran the somewhat-hilly course with my friend, A. At mile 3, I started running faster and passed her. Then I felt bad and waited for her at the turn-around. I had to stop anyway to whip off my hat, gloves and fleece pull-over b/c I was starting to overheat.

Bad mistake. After almost 15 seconds of jogging in place and still no sign of A., I got cold. Then I saw a handful of runners that I'd passed earlier breeze by, including one chubby, wheezing fellow with a look of smug self-satisfaction on his tomato-red face. So after another 15 seconds, I started running again, and even sped up towards the end. But I never caught those runners.

I finished the race in 1:23:57. My friend came in 30 seconds later.

In other news: I'm flying to Montana tomorrow for business. Gotta bundle up - the midwest and Plains got hit by a spring storm that's dumped 18 inches in Cleveland ....


  1. I am glad you are back to blogging, since we are always concerned that if you're not writing that something diabolical is happening in the nation's capitol and we should be very very worried.
    Good for you to slip in a 15K race. Strange that it only drew 40 runners!?!
    Pleas report on the missile silos out west when you post next. Thanks.

  2. Welcome back! See you soon!

    Geeez, you have a fast paced life. :D

    And what's with the smug looks from that one guy? Good grief!

  3. You didn't mention your jog with my roommate and how ironic it was that you've met the blogger's roommate in person but not the blogger. I'm more offended than him, though.