Saturday, April 30, 2005

Rained Out

So we're throwing a "Welcome Back, Spring!" party. It was supposed to be tonight, in our newly-renovated backyard patio and small garden. But it's raining steadily. Good for the plants. Bad for us bacchanalians.

Ah, spring. So we've e-mailed and called folks and re-scheduled it for tomorrow. Weather forecast: Dry, partly sunny, cool.

I have tons of stuff to do: Clean house. Buy food. Cook food. Decorate. Oh, and work. Yep, I still have to put in a few hours of work today (transcribe notes, interview people) if I'm to meet a looming deadline.

All right. I'm heading to Costco to buy beer, chicken sausages and flowers.


  1. Good old Costco. Has everything you need in never-run-out portion sizes.
    Rain rain go away. Give Bex a running day.

  2. Hiya Stranger!

    Was the party so good that you're still recovering?

  3. Hey, the rain gave you an extra day to clean the house. Yeah! :)

  4. So Spring has finally arrived in D.C., eh? I hope you had a fun time. Spring is slowly arriving here in Vegas, it was unusually cool for this time of year, but by Memorial Day weekend it will hit the 90s again.

    Beautiful pics from Montana. :-)

    BTW, I moved to my own apartment now. I need your email address again because I lost it. If you want my new snail mail I can give it to you privately. Thanks!