Thursday, June 02, 2005

Now in Tahoe

On the road: Nelson and I in front of the underground cafe I worked at while in grad school at the Univ. of Arkansas, Fayetteville. 5.27.05.

We arrived at Lake Tahoe late Tuesday night via a twisty 2-lane road with hairpin turns and thousand-foot drops. We headed out of Death Valley, Nevada, at 10 a.m., stopping briefly in Rhyolite, a ghost town 2 1/2 hours northwest of Las Vegas. We skirted the breathaking, snow-topped and massive Sierra Nevadas and the Mono and Mammoth Lakes in eastern Nevada and western California.

Damn technology: I downloaded all of my photos and was going to post them, but I'm having trouble with photoblogger right now. I posted the photo above last night, but for some reason I can't today. Stay tuned.

Running Update: Yesterday, I did a quick 3.5 mile run, heart pounding and breathing heavily because of the 6,300-foot altitude. Then 30 minutes of upper-body weights. It's bikini season, y'all. I ordered several from J.Crew, which is having a great swimsuit sale.

I need to ratchet up the mileage if I'm going to run with my local running club, starting next Saturday. Today, I'm running 6 miles on a trail at the lake's edge. It's cool and crisp here, and there's still even a bit of snow. Friday I'm logging 4 miles, plus free weights. Saturday is an 8-mile run.


  1. bex that dog looks about as big as you. There is actually a lot going on in that photo. oh and Residence Inn takes pets as well and has free 'high speed' internet. Don't know if there are any along your route however.

  2. "Bikini season never scares me." Jon, you're so right.
    Bex, you look very relaxed so the trip must be going well. And if you, Nelson and SO are all getting along, that's a good sign.

  3. Nelson is adorable. I wouldn't mind having a travel partner like him.