Friday, June 24, 2005


Well, I've been meaning to change the look of this little 'ol blog for months. I've finally done it. The deciding factor was when I saw five other blogs with the same template as my old one. Not that this is any more original. But it's clean and simple.

And I'm all for that. My new mantra: Simplify.

Gotta sleep. Will update later. Tomorrow: 10 miles at 7 am. Let's hope I don't throw the alarm clock across the room.


  1. And sometimes its just nice to change things around too. :)

  2. Nice. Very clean. I changed the look of my blog a year ago to keep with the Vegas theme. Not tired of it yet!

    Too bad I missed you when you came to Vegas. Maybe you emailed me at my old address. Hope everything is well!

  3. so you just picked another skin from blogger? hrmmm... maybe you should have one of your fans who is a web geek make you something with a bit more panache... but what you have now is... ahh... swell... looks a bit like a school text book.