Monday, June 06, 2005

Will she jump?: Dangling my legs over the south rim of the Grand Canyon as Nelson looks on. 5.30.05 Posted by Hello

Crazy dog-owner alert: Here are a few photos from a proud dog owner. I've become one of those people who loves taking pictures of her pets. At least I'm not like E., who videotaped both me and Nelson incessantly on our 6-day road trip. He's certifiable.

Back in D.C.: I flew out of Reno Saturday night, endured a 2-hour layover in the Las Vegas airport with hordes of people in cheap, ill-fitting clothes and bad hair, and arrived gratefully in Washington the next morning. I was groggy from no sleep - my thighs and sides smarted from a pushy little brat sitting next to me on the plane who kept jabbing me with her elbow or kicking me while she was "asleep." When I got home, I was too wired to sleep, so I did errands, and finally conked out at 11:45.

I woke up late - 9:15 AM! Whoa. Still on Pacific time. Vacation time. I showered quickly, flew out the door, and worked late. Supposed to run a quick 3.5 miles and lift weights afterwards, but I got distracted. I got a phone call from E., who is still in Tahoe. He said it's snowing (!) there.

And he's hell-bent on buying a house near the lake before all the homes hit the $1 million mark. Which is any day now. Oh, boy. Gotta make more money.Then the season premier of "Six Feet Under" came on. While I'm a semi-luddite, this show is one of my few guilty TV pleasures.

So tomorrow, I'm hitting the road for a 6-mile run. Gotta fit in those bikini's, y'all. I bought another one the day I left Tahoe. Tres skimpy. E. says I can't wear it outside the house.


  1. Laughing at the dog rolling in the sand! :D Just a beautiful place to visit, Bex. And maybe you should have yelled "OW!" incredibly loud when the girl kicked you. Maybe her parent would have felt bad and moved (or slapped) her.

    Anxiously awaiting the bikini pics. :)

  2. Nelson had a great time, obviously. Did he get to go swimming too? Great pics and a wonderful vacation. If E. says you can only wear the bikini in the house then you'll have to take the shots for the blog inside, won't you?

  3. Nelson LOVES the water. He jumped both into Lake Tahoe and in the Pacific. I swear, he's part fish.

    Re bikini shots in the house: Only if you post one of yourself in a speedo.