Monday, July 11, 2005

10-Mile Training Program

I'm craaazy busy today, but if I don't put in a few words now, I never will. So without further ado:
I started my 10-mile training program with my local running club this past Saturday, a hot and humid morning. We met on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at 9, when it was already 8.5 on the sweat-o-meter. For some reason, the Mall was fenced off (left-over from the July 4 crowds?), and I and two other women had to climb over the 4 1/2-foot wire and wooden posts to get to to the meeting. Not an auspicious start.
Sunburnt, camera-toting tourists skirted our group of 40 as our coaches introduced themselves and partitioned us into running groups based on the time we're aiming to finish the Army 10-Miler on October 2. Let me say it here and now: I think I can finish the race under 1:25:00. I hope I don't eat those words.
I just qualified for the advanced group (8:30/mile and under), but I opted for the intermediate group (9-10:30/mile). I don't want to kill myself on these group runs. If it's too slow in the future, I may move up to the advanced group. But I still have nightmares of training with the jackrabbits in our spring 10K program. I have to admit, though, it worked. I PR'ed in the Mother's Day 10K we trained for.
We set off on a 3-mile jaunt at an easy 9:30/mile pace. Talk about scenic: We ran around the Jefferson Memorial, along the Reflecting Pool and past the World War II and Vietnam War memorials. During the run, I talked to two cool women: M., blond, pretty and petite, a physician's assistant who used to be an exercise physiologist; and L., a former ice skater who works in Vice President Dick Chaney's office. We most emphatically did not talk politics.
Unfortunately, I'm going to miss the next two Saturdays, as I head to the Philippines tomorrow for 10 days (of more which, later). But when I return, M., L., and I are going to form our own running mini-posse, and run during the week.
At the end, I still had plenty of juice, so I ran 2 1/2 more miles at a much faster clip. Ahhh, speed.

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  1. Have a great time in the Philippines. I have no doubt you'll finish Army 10-miler in that time. Maybe I'll go and cheer you on!