Tuesday, September 13, 2005

No rest for the weary

Haven't posted lately because I'm up to my ears writing stories on the fallout from Hurricane Katrina. Busy, busy, busy.

Running Update: I ran more than 12 miles on Saturday morning. Didn't mean to. Only meant to run 10 miles with my training group. Our intermediate posse was supposed to follow the advanced group on the run.

But by the time we set out, the 10 or so advanced runners were wee specks in the distance, tiny figures shimmering in the early September heat. Another intermediate runner, C., and I, took off at a quick trot, hoping to close some of the gap.

Soon, we left the intermediate group in the dust. They were waaaay behind us, a bunch of 20 and 30-somethings shuffling along like arthritic grandmothers. Don't even get me started on the beginners' group.

C. and I started to close in. But they were truckin'. At mile 4, we lost sight of them at a fork in the road. C. and I ran first one way, then the other, but to no avail. We'd lost them.

We ran for another 25 minutes, to Georgetown, before realizing - Holy Cow! - that we were quite far from our starting point. We headed back, the Indian summer sun high in the sky, the trail crowded with weekend cyclists, joggers, and spandex-clad women pushing strollers.

After 1 1/2 hours, my stomach started cramping (no water, no breakfast). Sweat and sunscreen stung my eyes. My legs felt leaden. The sun glittered off the Potomac to our left. Planes from nearby National Airport roared overhead toward the horizon.

Finish, already: I decided to get the run over with as quickly as possible. With a muttered, "I'm heading out," to C., I picked up the pace, running as fast and as smoothly as I could for the last 2 miles.

Which wasn't that fast. Probably an 8:20/mile pace. Or that smooth. My strides staccotoed down the hot pavement.

The last mile seemed to take forever.

At the finish, I met up with the a few folks from the advanced group. Sipping Gatorade, they said they only ran 9.3 miles, and had been back for at least 20 minutes.

As for the intermediate group? They got lost too, and called it quits after 9 miles. The wimps.


  1. Way to suck it up and reel in those last hard miles. That ability to pick up the pace when you're feeling crappy at the end must come in handy at races.

  2. Nothing like a good hard run by accident. :) Well, it lets you know you had more in you than you even planned. And I would hope you teased the other group that called it quits early. Rest when ya die!

  3. i read your site. love the pics. esp. the truthful alt viewpoint on life. experiences etc. i'm a musician and aspiring journalist but non-traditional - hoping to get into grad school b/c my rock n roll background (and dance music) makes me full of pride, it's also superficial in some way compared to the real life stuff that i seek to have an impact upon. Ya know, music is universal they say, but when A&R people are gatekeepers it's a tough sell. It's still politics. Um, i run too so that is the other eye opening thing i get from your site. keep on writing and running and being yourself. ciao.

  4. um, i run like an arthritic grandmother--on a good day!!! I'm just saying!!

    you're really amazing. I don't know how you do it, but i'm staying out of your way! :)

  5. yeah, yeah great running stuff I am sure. anyway where are the rest of your bathing beauty pix from the islands??? I mean whats the point in running around and sweating so much if you don't get to show off sometimes eh??? Of course I mean that in more of a fashionista sort of way... yeh, that's it. :-P