Thursday, September 22, 2005

Taking a Poll

So you RBF'ers may know (or not) that I was supposed to run in the Las Vegas Half-Marathon this past January.

Then I caught the flu.

Boy, was I mad. I'd already booked my flight, made hotel reservations, and paid a $75 registration fee. I was going to go anyway, but E. said that he'd physically restrain me from doing so.

With a 102 degree temperature and a voice so hoarse I sounded like Jimmy Durante, I called the race organizers about my predicament. They kindly said that they'd waive the registration fee if I wanted to run in next year's race.

Well, "next year" is upon us - the next race is actually in early December. That's because the race was taken over by a new company. And I found out that they have no record of my supposed waiver. They said I'd need to provide them with a letter stating my case as well as any supporting documentation.

And here's the kicker: There is no more half-marathon component to the race. There's only the full marathon, 26.2 stinking miles.

So, my good men and women: Should I run the marathon? I haven't been training for it, and the farthest I've run is 13 miles.

And, if so, should I bother writing a letter to say why I should get my registration waived? If I get turned down, I have to pay $95.00.


  1. Hmmmm. According to my training template, you'd have to be doing long runs between 12-16 miles this weekend to be on track for a Dec 4 marathon. Are you ready to kick it up? Have you done one before? Are you ready for the training challenge? Will work allow it? Will homemaking allow it?

    Did you try my St. Pete route or not have time to go bayside?

  2. Hey there David, I did part of the St. Pete route, which was gorgeous. I printed out the route, but forgot to bring it w/ me on the run. So that's why I say I ran "part" of it - when I forgot where it meandered, I ran through the Old Northeast neighborhood, then down to Poynter and back on the bay.

    As far as running 12-16 miles .... ack. I could perhaps do 12 this weekend, though I'm supposed to run 6 miles at tempo pace with my Saturday running group. Is it too much to then run 12 miles on Sunday? We'll see.

  3. I'm not one to give advice, Bex, having not run long before. But you seem strong--I'll bet you could pull off the the intense training. I guess the question is: do you *want* to?

  4. oh, and I will let you know the next time I spend anytime in Alexandra. Thanks--sounds like fun!

  5. Well, you have about 9 weekends to try to make it all work. Your race times and training indicate that you are a strong runner, physically and mentally. I have gone into marathons before with less than stellar training, and been able to finish. Depending on what your goal is (qualifying for Boston at the high end, or finishing under 5 hours at the low end), I think that you have a great chance at putting some miles in, tout de suite, and bringing las vegas to its knees!! GOOD LUCK!!

  6. I'd say don't do the marathon. Stay home and eat poke instead!

  7. That's a tough one, Bex. I know marathon training is killing me, but then again, you 1) run like the wind, 2) are like 18 or something and recover from runs in an hour or two, and 3) you are not encumbered by excessive family obligations, with the exception of a very lonely husband who will miss you terribly while you are out running.

    I say make your plea for the registration, if you get the credit, then its a sign that you should go for it. If you make it through training, then you are good to go. If you find out that the sudden jump into training was too much too soon, then you haven't lost much.

    Does that makes sense?

  8. in my opinion, it depends on what you expect from the race.
    if you expect to go "fast", probably not... although, it is only september, and you still have 2 months to train for it.

    if you're just worried about finishing, then i'd say sign up.
    i think that if you made the half, then there should be no problem of making the full, especially if you've been doing the needed base work over the last few months, which it seems like you have been.

    when i did my first, and to date only, marathon, i signed up the day before the race. my longest training run to that point was only 13 miles (i was averaging maybe only 20-25 miles/week training - well add in biking and swimming), and my longest race had been a 30k.
    i had no problems finishing the race.
    it sounds like to me that you're in a much better position to do this race than i was.