Monday, October 03, 2005

Army 10-Miler = 11.4 miles

Hey y'all. I will give you a full debriefing later of the Army 10-Miler yesterday. But I will say that the race got re-routed a few minutes after the starting cannons went off because the D.C. police found a suspicious package near the finish line.

That meant instead of running 10 miles, we ran 11.4 to 11.5 miles. And we didn't get timed because they didn't move the finishing time mats.

More later. I'm still quite disgusted.


  1. That stinks. I'd be very very p-o-ed, especially if I flew/drove in from out of town.
    Probably turned out to be somebody's stashed Gatorade bag.

  2. I know of several people who went through this with the same reaction you had.

    Washington Cube Was Here. #224