Friday, October 14, 2005

Slideshow and Baltimore Marathon Relay

Sorry about the slideshow link, y'all. I'll fix that over the weekend. Also, you'd think it would be simple to e-mail the show to interested folks, but my dears, it is not. At least not for me. I have to reconfigure a few things on E.'s computer (which has the ProShow Gold software), and some of the things I need E.'s help on. And right now he's too busy to do it. So please be patient. This weekend I will have time to do that.

Hey, did I tell you that I'm running the Baltimore Marathon relay tomorrow? I'm on a four-member team (3 women, 1 man), and I have the second leg, which is the longest at 7 miles, but also the flattest. I'm recovering from a cold (MAJOR sinus drainage), and I've only run twice this week and twice last week, so I feel a bit out-of-shape. I'm not expecting a PR - but I will try!

Expect a full debriefing here over the weekend.


  1. Run, Bex, Run!

    Good luck in the race this weekend. Now we'll need pics from both the race and the wedding. This is starting to pile up. E. better get unbusy really soon!

  2. Run strong...I have a feeling you'll pull out whatever you need to.

  3. According to some people even the flu can't stop you from running well when you put it out of your mind. Good luck.

  4. why are these people telling you to run? is someone chasing you? ah well have fun anyway... by the way great slideshow... uhm NOT. (yet anyway)