Friday, November 18, 2005

No photos ...

exist to show my now quickly-fading (I hope) sprain to my right foot. Someone commented about that earlier.

You know what? I did have photos taken on Sunday with my new crutches and velcro-swaddled foot.

After snapping the photos, E. accidentally dropped my digital camera, and broke it. At first he didn't believe he he did, and kept pushing buttons to turn it on. When that didn't work, he started shaking it. Then punched more buttons. Then shook it some more.

It sounded as if tiny shards of glass and metal were swirling about the camera's innards.

"D'you hear that?" he said, holding the camera to his ear. Shake, shake, shake.

I resisted the almost overwhelming impulse to grab the camera out of his hands and box him about the ears.

He Fed-exed my camera to a Canon factory for repair the next day.


  1. My wife broke out video recorder, and at the time I was annoyed, but then we bought a new one that was digital. So much better. I'm almost glad she broke it. Almost.

  2. you are a miracle woman. E.? Well, not so much.

  3. of course E. is not a woman. whatever. i was trying (and failing) to be funny!