Friday, November 25, 2005

Template screw-up

Aargh. For some reason, all of my links, archives and race information has moved waaaay down to the bottom of this page. I'm trying to figure out how this formatting error happened, but after a bounteous turkey feast, all of my synapses aren't firing.

Can anyone help?!


  1. They look okay to me. They're all there right under your heading. It must be the northwest web warp factor.
    Enjoy the leftovers today!

  2. Looks good to me, Bex. Sometimes if you go to a small screen, it will shift the columns to make it all fit, rather than have you scroll over. I know my 3-column format looks like two columns at home. Are you on a different computer than normal?

  3. Thanks, guys. Jon, you were right about the small screen. I was on a much smaller computer last night. Today I'm on a different computer, with a larger screen, and the formatting on my blog looks okay. However, I plan on redoing this blog by the new year.

    David: I'm all over the leftovers. I had pumpkin pie for breakfast today ..

  4. Looks ok to me too, in Safari, on a powerbook.