Thursday, January 12, 2006

Blogger Down, but Bex Up

Hopefully y'all can read this message, as I'm having major problems with Blogger tonight. I'm starting to make the move off of Blogger, by the way.

Does anyone have good recommendations on a good blog designer? I've got cash burnin' a hole in my pocket ...

Running Update: The 14 miles I ran on Sunday were, let's just put it out there, a devil-blasted slog. Ran under a gun-metal sky along the Potomac, and a stiff breeze made the mid-20's temps even colder.

I wore my flash MP3 player to keep my mind off the mileage, and I found the device at first entertaining, then just too damn noisy. I ripped the earbuds from my ears at mile 8, and stuck 'em in my waistband. Ah, much better.

Monday was a rest day, and Tuesday I rebelled and truculently stayed in my office instead of running cutdown intervals.

The next day I felt guilty, so I ran the intervals: After a 1/2 mile warm-up, I ran 1 1/2 miles @ 9:05/pace, 2 miles @ 8:30/pace, 1 minute slow jog, 1 mile@ 8:30 pace, 1 minute slow jog, 1/2 mile at 8:15/pace, finishing with 1/2 mile at 9:05 pace. Energy completely depleted.

Today, Thursday, a day so beautiful it felt like spring in Santa Monica, I ran 8 miles at an avg 9:11/mile pace on the Capital Crescent Trail. Felt fabulous.

Just Call Me Coach: I volunteered to be a coach for a 10K training program sponsored by my local running club. I'll either be an asst. coach for the beginner's group, or be the coach for one of the two intermediate groups. E. thinks I'm going to be a drill sergeant and already feels badly for my students.

Huh. Excuse me while I look for my whistle and steel-toed boots ...


  1. no answers re blogger, just empathy.

  2. A coach? How cool! And unfortunately, you may be kinda rough on the newbies since you are so experienced. I can just picture you out there with mirrored shades and whistle.

    "BRREEEEEEP! Move those feet you lazy butts! This ain't no dance recital!"


    Blogger rots. Not sure which provider is really good but if you can use one with Wordpress, I think you'll be happy. PHP is easy to learn and you really don't need to know much about it anyway to run wordpress.

  3. Jon: I think I'm going to make the move to Wordpress, after having looked at it, as well as your blog and others' blogs on Wordpress.

    Re coaching: I am so NOT experienced, which makes it all the funnier. I think most of the coaching is just showing up, giving rudimentary running advice, and lots and lots of verbal and email support. I've been running for less than 1 1/2 years.

  4. YOU DIDN"T. OMG I thought you were kidding about coaching!! You could end up being MY COACH!!! And that could either be a) really cool, or b) the end of a beautiful friendship :) ha.

    RE: blogger. Why does everyone hate blogger? Me like blogger!!

  5. I love it that you'll be a coach. You'll be kicking slow lazy butt faster than elephants pass tax cuts. That's great.
    Blogger has been tolerably good for me. Runner Susan made my header and I am forever grateful (of course, she may not be commercially available).

  6. hey bex, if you find a solution for a blog, please, pass it along. i've been griping about mine forever but am not patient enough to do much about it. tho susan is also developing one for me...(maybe she'll help you out?)

  7. Re: new blog design. See me. I have just the person (no, it's not me, someone I work with will make you a kick-ass one).