Saturday, January 07, 2006

Me and Gram

... in Pasadena, (Calif.) over Christmas. This photo has nothing to do whatever with running, but I have a new computer and a new version of Picasa, and I wanted to test-drive both. Wave hi to Grandmere.

Oh, I also just spent 1 1/2 mind-numbing hours trying to set up a new blog on Typepad, as Blogger just ain't cutting it these days. And you know what? It's hard! Or at the very least, extremely time-consuming. Stay tuned.

Running Update: On Tuesday, I ran intervals. The breakdown: 1/2-mile warm-up, 1 1/2 miles at marathon goal pace (9:00/mile), 3 X 1 mile at 8:27/mile with one minute slow jog in between
, 1 1/2 miles at 9:00/mile, and finishing with 1/2-mile at 9:30. Total of 7 miles. Afterwards, my sweat-soaked body fell on the ground and I just lay there, blinking. Well, no, I didn't really lie down. But I wanted to.

On Wednesday, I did 3.5 miles on an elliptical machine at levels 14-15 and threw some dumbbells around so my arms don't look like skinny-runner-girl arms. Thursday was a miserable 6.25 miles in the dark after work, running along major roads choked with traffic, shivering in the cold and getting high on car fumes.

Friday was supposed to be a rest day, but I felt fine, so like an eedjit, I did a cardio/weights class (with tons of killer leg exercises), then a Bikram Yoga class that evening. Which was not relaxing. Not in the slightest. Not unless you consider 120-degree heat, soaring heart rates of 190+ and pretzel-like poses held an infinitum relaxing. Jeanne and her daughter did the class with me and E. We felt as if we'd been pummeled all over our soft, now-pliant bodies.

Today I was supposed to run 14 miles with my local running club's SLR (slow long run) group for the first time. But I overslept. Go figure. I was exhausted. So I held off on the long run until tomorrow and today logged 5.6 miles along the Potomac on a sunny but blustery (and bone-chilling) afternoon.

Appropriately named: My running buddy, P., completed the first part of the Goofy challenge for the Disney World Marathon and Half-marathon. He ran the Half (starting off at a so-early-it-hurts-time of 6 a.m.) in 1:46:51, a PR for him. I do hope he's pacing himself, though. Tomorrow is the marathon. Send good vibes.


  1. Well you are certianly burning up the training there, Bex. I guess a rest day is in order (especially since you were bad and skipped yours). Hope ya got out for that 14 miler. Don't want to cheat on the long runs.

    I hope P did well in the marathon today. Goofy is right!

    By the way, I messed up on my last comment. 4 favorite foods? Sushi is definately one of them. :)

  2. hang in there - typepad is definitely better than blogger because you get wahtyou pay for (and in blogger's case, it's NOTHING most of the time... I had lots of problems with blogger)

    thanks for the visit - and good luck with training!

  3. I can't get the image to computer is on such a slow connection right now....until Monday when my broadband is topped up again..will pop back and see what it is

    Your exhausting to read, you work out so much. It's inspiring.

    I am yet to try one of those elliptical thingies

  4. Gram wasn't there .... ??????
    Maybe it's my blogger.
    Your workout sounds like mine. Too bad we're not closer. We could tempt each other with going harder than the other.
    Disney was danged cold! mid 30s both days. I'll never run Disney. I live here and seen all the parks. Why get up so danged early with few spectator opportunities?