Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mon petit chien

Okay, he's really not a small little dog. More like 76 pounds of furry goodness. This photo is appropo of absolutely nothing, but I haven't talked about my dog, Nelson, in a while. So here he is, patiently waiting for me to stop pointing a camera at him so he can go for a run. Taken last summer, Lake Tahoe, west shore.

Running update: I felt sluggish on my hour interval run tonight. Which I had to do inside on a treadmill, alas. On my fourth 3/4 mile interval at 8:20/mile pace, my editor walked up to me (I used the company gym) and started talking to me about one of my stories, even though it was 6:45 pm and we were done with work for the day.

I nodded my head and kept running, sweating profusely. I tried to talk to her while I struggled to keep pace, but I was out of breath. So after a few minutes, I stopped. Sometimes, I wish the gym was a no-shop-talk zone.


  1. Yay Nelson! What a cutie...
    And how strange about your editor. Who would try to have a long conversation while the other person is pacing herself on the treadmill??? I mean, really? Not a runner, I guess.

  2. ok, i was worried when i read 'mon petit chien', being french'ish and all, and not being a fan of small dogs.

    back in the day, i had a 76lb dog, he was wonderful... and, a wonderful running companion!

  3. I think it would have been funny to keep the conversation going, but to make it barely coherent with lots of huffing and puffing spread throughout your sentences. You think at some point she'd pick up on the clues?

  4. amen to a work-free zone. what a goober. dog photo. huh. funny how we were JUST TALKING ABOUT people who post pet photos!:)

  5. "Mon grande chien!"
    "Votre fou boss."

  6. That is SO wrong!! Thankfully my boss prob isn't even aware we have a gym so he can't follow me there.

    Your dog is so sweet!!