Thursday, March 02, 2006

Photos from SoCal trip

Hey y'all. Better late than never, but here are a few photos from my trip to Southern California several weeks ago.

This one's of me in the elegant hall (love the velvet seats) of the Pasadena Public Library, where I've performed in many a piano recital, the first one at 6. My last solo piano recital -when I was a junior in college - was also here. I played on that Steinway in the background.

The photos are a little present to make up for not blogging recently.

Coming later tonight: My 20.5 miler this past Sunday. Chills, thrills, and a ruined sock ....


  1. I've never seen a public library that had a concert hall before. Must be one of them fancy big city libraries.

    And how cool is it to play a piano concert? I'm picturing you in the long black dress with shiny black sequins, pounding away on the keys.

  2. In my last recital I was in a black strapless dress with a white bow across the front, and after the recital, my piano teacher took me aside and said my dress "was not appropriate."

    She is a conservative Methodist from the Bible Belt. I try not to hold that against her.

  3. i want to see you play the piano!! let's go to a piano bar!
    for real, that is impressive. I didn't notice a piano at your place...tell me you didn't give it up!