Friday, March 24, 2006

T Minus 12 Hrs and 32 Minutes ...

Until I start running the National Marathon tomorrow morning. Oy. I'm nervous and don't feel great. E. has a bad chest cold and I'm scared I'm catching it (cross fingers).

Snow flurries or freezing rain are possible during the race.

I know how to pick 'em.

There's been some controversy over the marathon. And the number of folks running the half-marathon or full marathon - about 2,000 - fell far short of the 5,000 organizers planned for. Of those 2,000, only 800 of them are racing the full marathon.

Because of the race requirements - you must have run a previous marathon in 4:30, a half in 2:10 or a 10-miler in 1:40 - some think that many slower runners who would have participated through a charity - were shut out.

So the roads won't be too crowded, and it won't be hard to spot me. I'll be the one dragging my bloody carcass over the finish line, foaming at the mouth. My intent was to run this first-ever marathon in under 4 hours. I'm a bit under-trained for that. Now, I just want to finish in one piece.

Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck on the marathon! Kick some butt :-)

  2. Good luck. I'm so excited to see the bloody foamy body pictures.

  3. Good luck! You have put in the time and you are trained and ready.

    Airborn! It is widely available at finer Targets, Rite-Aides, etc. Take some now. It can really help.

    I hope you have decent weather and good support. I'm looking forward to the pics and Race Report.

  4. Good luck!! You're going to do great tomorrow!!

  5. Hey, bex. Thank you for visting my site. Best of luck (or whatever the appropriate term is for marathon runners) on the big day! I hope you achieve the goal you've no doubt set for yourself.

  6. Good luck Bexxy!
    Be happy to finish, no matter the time the first time.

  7. You're gonna rock. Try to have fun with it while you are busy kicking everyone's butt!

  8. Of course you're going to be fine. Just do what you know how to do! We'll all be there with you, you know.

  9. Good luck, Bex!!!! Oh man, she's running RIGHT NOW! Run hard, Bex! (Think she can hear me?)

    I just want to tell the whole world how very lame I am for missing Bex's send-off. :(

    Go, Bex, Go!

    And why does 21st Century Mom have an ad in the middle of her comment?

  10. Hey, you're linked in that Post article!

  11. You probably have already finished the marathon when you read this, But my thoughts are with you from a cross the sea.
    The best of luck.