Thursday, April 13, 2006

I Feel Drugged

Wait a minute, I am drugged. I took an over-the-counter antihistimine this afternoon to counteract my sneezing fits. Damn allergies. Damn pollen. I left work earlier than usual - 5:30 - and drove home, feeling quite drowsy. I patted the dog, said hello to E., then went upstairs and crashed for an hour. And I'm still groggy.

Ah, spring.

So I didn't get in my 6 mile run today. I was also going to do 4X800 interval-training to spice things up. I'll do that early tomorrow morning. I've also got a noon cardio/weights class. A calorie-killer day.

Running Skirts: What's wrong with running skirts?! Especially if they have shorts/briefs underneath for keeping one's privates, er, private?! NYCFlygirl and Mark started the discussion, and some folks weighed in on the negative.

You can move in athletic skirts. Just ask women tennis players. When I played tennis a lot, I wore skirts rather than shorts. Less constricting. They had attached briefs or shorts, so I could slide, jump, run or dive for a ball without giving onlookers a peep show.

So I, for one, like the look of them. I followed Flygirl's lead and bought the Andare run skirt by New Balance just now. In black. I may get one from as well.


  1. you go skirt-girl! I'm pretty sure that Mark was all for running skirts. Some of us, who are, let's just say, well, we got more to show that the doublemint twins he posted ... we're just wary, that's all! Of looking zaftig!

  2. Nope. No skirts. I won't wear them. Ever.

  3. I was totally going to wear a pink tutu during a race, but saw another guy wearing the same exact thing, so I'm glad I didn't. That would have been SO embarrassing.

  4. I want the pink one for my next race! Is it a short underneath or a brief?

    Good luck with Nelson.

  5. It's fine with me if a woman wants to run in a skirt but I do have personal issues with it.

    From the marathongirl site:
    Embrace your hoochie mama and celebrate your hard-earned level of fitness.

    Say what? Your "hoochie mama"?? WTF is that? How about embrace your athletic determination and success? Must we ALWAYS be about hoochie and mama and va-va-va baby?

    I also posted a query about why men are so fascinated by these skirts on The Running Blogfather's blog. I sure hope I get an answer.

  6. I don't think one's a hoochie mama just for wearing a skirt to run in. I'm still not sure what the big deal is about wearing a running skirt. In many instances, skirts are LESS revealing than some of the tiny shorts runners wear, men and women alike.

  7. I like them. Style wise they look more feminine and there's nothing wrong with a feminine look on a runner, especially if it's a better fit for performance.

  8. I'm kind of liking the idea of the skirts now because I don't like the way my shorts ride up but the price! Yikes! $45 on average.

    And I'm still saying "NO!" to the whole 'hoochie mama' thing - blech