Thursday, April 27, 2006

Skirting the Capital Crescent Trail

Well, homies, a colleague took many photos of me sprinting in my running skirt down the trail near our office yesterday afternoon.

Ran 25 meters south on the trail, then north, then south again, dodging the occasional walker or cyclist as D. followed me with a telephoto lens. Jeanne was there for moral support, too.

He didn't have time to download and send me the photos yesterday afternoon, unfortunately. So he'll show them to me today. Hopefully, there will be one or two where I don't look like a complete dork.

Sorry for the delay - stay tuned.

Rounding the Track: It was my first time back at the track for my running club's weekly track workouts. Lots of hares there - folks who often place in regional races. I did an abbreviated workout- wearing my skirt!-as I'm running a local 10K this Sunday: 4 strides (wind sprints) of 100 meters each with 15 second cool-down in between, then 4 X 400 sprints with 400 rest in between.

My times for the 4 X 400:

1st: 1:37
2nd: 1:33
3rd: 1:33
4th: 1:34

Not sure how good/bad those are. That was the first time I did that particular workout ...


  1. That's a 6.38 mile so that's good, right?
    I'd take those times!

  2. Well, that's actually a 6:17 mile. But who's counting ;-)

  3. I can't wait to see the photos. Any comments from the track runners?

  4. i'm still trying to understand the math need to glow slower for the math dummies...but um, HOLY SHIT!!! that's fast.

  5. that would be SLOW DOWN, not glow down. you should keep on glowing. definitely.

  6. I guess I'm the math idiot. I added up 97 + 93 + 93 + 94 and divided by 60. I comes out 6.28 every time. What am I missing here?