Friday, April 07, 2006

You Still Here?!

You may have been wondering where the hell I've been over the past week. I've been in a funk. Work takes my time and energy, my dog tore his achilles tendon, so I'm spending a lot of time tending to the injured (but curiously, happy) canine, and E. and I have been sniping at each other recently. Or rather, there's been some long silences between us.

You know. Normal stuff.

Plus, I feel no one reads this anyway, so why bother finishing my marathon debriefing? I know, I know, if I post more regularly, readers would be more likely to head on over this way. I just feel like recently, blogging takes up a lot of time for little reward. I haven't even read my emails or comments re this blog for the past 7 days. Not that I don't love you commenting and emailing. I do.

As far as running, I was gung-ho last week, the immediate week after the marathon. I think perhaps I ran too much - four times, between 4-6 miles each. This week, I've been in a rebellious mood, and although I've exercised three times this week so far (and will take a weight-lifting class this afternoon), I've only run twice.

Here's the end of my race report: P. rejoined me somewhere between miles 21 and 22. He kept up a constant chatter, and I grunted in reply every once in awhile. Mile 23 was the last Gatorade/water station. Approaching the aid station from about 50 yards away, an ambulance raced by on a street perpendicular to the marathon course.

It turned out that someone driving an old Mercedes lost control of the vehicle and plowed into a lightpost close to 40 miles per hour. The car - with the person still stuck inside - was smoking as we passed by, its front end crumpled and windshield broken. Yikes.

E. was at Mile 23 with a digital videocamera. He zoomed in on me. "How're you feeling?" he asked.

"I feel like hell!" I said in reply. But I smiled. I was glad to be almost done with the race. I took my last few sips of Gatorade and kept running.

At Mile 24, I saw RFK Stadium and the Capitol dead ahead of us. A beautiful sight. No one was talking at this point around us except P. We were a sorry sight.

At Mile 25, we headed into a tunnel, and as we emerged into the sunlight, a man on a bike was urging us on. He was telling us to smile, to keep running, and tried to get a woman near me to stop walking and start running. He was well-meaning, but irritating. We tried to ignore him the best we could.

"I'm going to punch him," I said to no one in particular and tried to run towards him. But my legs rebelled. I felt as if I was running on two dead logs. Forget it, I was too tired.

The woman finally began a painful trot to the finish just to get him to be quiet.

I could see the red, white and blue balloon arch at the finish line ahead. At mile 26, I turned right. Less than a quarter-mile to go. P. was talking a blue streak and told me to run as fast as I could. The noise filled my head.

As he turned off, I yelled at him, "SHUT UP!"

Then I high-tailed it to the finish. I willed my legs to turn over as fast as they could. I thought I was running smoothly, but when I saw the video of me later, I was running with a hitch in my stride.

That's because my right knee was throbbing painfully, and bolts of pain shot through my right leg every time my foot touched the ground.

Afterwards, I went to the medical tent to get some ice for my knee. The medics insisted on pulling up my tights, even though I said it was no big deal, that I'd just bruised it.

That's when we saw the 2-3 gashes on my knee. "I thought it was more than just a bruise," said the doctor with satisfaction.

Final net time: 4:15:48.


  1. Well, you have at least one person who reads your blog and is glad to see the end of the race report. I get in funks like that too where I don't see why I bother having a blog. Just don't get too down on yourself and you'll bounce back in a couple of days.

  2. Now that's a nice finishing time, Bex. With big nasty knee gashes besides. And that shouting guy? Has never run a race. He just doesn't know how you feel at that point.

    Sounds like you have a bit of post-marathon blues. Make sure you have enough rest time. Richard told me once you need a day of recovery for every mile you raced. Rest and recover.

    Good job on the race, Bex. You did a marvelous thing and you should be very proud of yourself.

  3. I just wanted you to know that I read your blog and I was eagerly awaiting the end of your race report. Awesome job finishing your race with such a nasty fall at the beginning.

  4. Aw come on, we read your blog. We all just have stalker-like tendencies and don't like to let you know we're here.

    I think you ran a great race. Great job sticking with it. You still ran faster than me and I had no problems at all! :)

  5. (See!??! Told ya so!!)

    That is an AWESOME time!! I hope you got a medal or something! well I hope E. got a video of you tellin P. to shut up! HA!

    Thanks for closing the loop. You deserve a break. (Hey, Lara took a month off from blogging and now she's in RUNNER'S WORLD!)

  6. We were all on pins and needles waiting for the end of your report, Bex! Of course you have to keep blogging. Great race--and way to finish after being injured.

  7. Oh Bex, We're here. We still love you. Keep talking and blogging.
    Your race was a doozy. Race isn't really the right word but it was absolutely a test of fortitude. I ran too much after my M too. Then I basically quit for a month. Maybe 1-2 shorties a week. Now I'm happy and running again. The pains go away and so does the funk. Good luck.

  8. Wow! I've been wating for the end of your race all week it seems!
    Well done!
    You were awesome and I loved your race report :)
    Give your self the well deserved rest you need and you'll be back feeling 100% in no time at all.

  9. That's an awesome finishing time! Way to go on your first M!!!!

  10. That was so awesome! 4:15 on a banged up knee - I bow to you.

    I'm sure you will transcend your PMD (post marathon depression) soon and life will be great again.

    Congratulations on a great marathon.