Thursday, May 25, 2006

Another way to spend your hard-earned dollars

An iPod for your running shoes! What will they think of next?

Here's an excerpt from the Apple/Nike press release of the new Nike+ Air Zoom Moire and the Nike + iPod Sport Kit, which was unveiled in a big hoo-hah event on Tuesday in New York City with world marathoner Paula Radcliffe and Tour de France cyclist Lance Armstrong, along with the CEOs of Apple and Nike:

The new Nike+ Air Zoom Moire is the first footwear designed to talk to iPod. Nike plans to make many of its leading footwear styles Nike+ ready ... With the Nike+ footwear connected to iPod nano through the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, information on time, distance, calories burned and pace is stored on iPod and displayed on the screen; real-time audible feedback also is provided through headphones. The kit includes an in-shoe sensor and a receiver that attaches to iPod. A new Nike Sport Music section on the iTunes® Music Store and a new personal service site help maximize the Nike+iPod experience.

Available in stores later this summer ....


  1. Why couldn't it be Brooks and Ipod? Why? Why?

  2. Great idea but Nike should offer it in more shoes. Us runners are picky enough with our running shoes but they are only going to have it in one pair to start? What if you pronate? what if you need more cushioning? Hmm.. I'm sure others will follow with something similar if it takes off.