Friday, July 21, 2006

Still Not Dead. A few summer holiday photos ...

Our chocolate lab-mix, Nelson, on the way to the beach, San Diego, Calif., July 3, 2006. Warning to non-dog-lovers: There's a few more photos of the pooch in this post. So if you hate canines (you, with the stone heart), skip to the next blog. There are also a couple of me and my grandmother. Oh yes, and an update on moi. Scroll down.


  1. Found your blog through Iron Wil's. Just wanted to say awesome pics with the pooch. I have a (supposed to be pure-bred, but I'm pretty sure not) yellow Lab. I also have an open top Land Rover that she absolutely loves. Just wanted to say hi from one dog-lover runner to another. You can see a pic of my Lab here:

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  3. 102 lbs? You must have a tapeworm if you're scarfing down 3000+ calories. Or a metabolism to kill for.