Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Modern Medicine, Running Skirts, and Interviewing Speedy Politicians

I ditched the "no-meds-I'm-superhuman"attitude and finally bought some cold & sinus capsules to quell this virulent cold of mine. I took one at 7:30 am. By 8 am, I felt almost human again.

Marvelous stuff. I'm definitely not 100 percent, but I'm not sneezing and blowing my nose every two minutes. And my head doesn't feel as stuffy, nor my muscles as sore. Progress!

But I still think I'll take it easy today. No speed workout. That's tomorrow. Plus, more importantly, it's E.'s birthday today. So this day is all about him. We just came back from a massive and yummy breakfast at local fave the Firesign Cafe, and might go to Eagle Lake, which is a short but steep hike to the edge of Desolation Wilderness.

Running Skirts Redux: Several of you have asked if my article on running skirts got published. It's in the July/August issue of the Washington Running Report (along with a photo of moi). Read it here. The story also got picked up by the national Running Network, which is a nice pat on the back.

I also have another story in that issue, about my experience in Austin's Go For the Gold 10K. That story first appeared (in somewhat different form) on this little blog.

Wait, there's more!: In the September/October issue of the WRR is my interview of U.S. Representative Bart Gordon (D-TN), who has been the fastest congressman for the past 17 years in the Capital Challenge, a 3-mile race for the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government, plus the media.
I ran in the race last year, serving as the captain of my team. We finished in the top third of our category (print media).

Gordon is a really nice guy and blessed with an abundance of fast-twitch muscles. The interview took place in July in his Capitol office, which is about the size of my studio apartment as an intern. We were going to do a short run together, but it was way too hot (upper 90's) plus he was recovering from minor surgery.

Good thing, as I probaby wouldn't have been able to keep up with him. At 59, he ran the Capital Challenge last year in 18:17 with an aching shoulder and a cast on his arm (he got knocked over by a dog about a week before the race).

The interview should get posted online in the WRR in the next few days. But I may provide an excerpt here later today or tomorrow to pique your interest.


  1. Did I really say "Screw these skirts!"?? That is so me. I laughed out loud when I read it.

  2. You have a very interesting job and a great blog.

  3. funny how you can make those goofy skirts look hot bex... that is a talent... good job... :o

  4. Hey Bex,

    Thanks for stopping by and offering some words of encouragement. Great article on running skirts. At the 100 miler this past weekend there was actually a guy wearing a rainbow colored running skirt. It was quite amusing.

  5. you realize you've outed yourself don't you? but for a good cause!

  6. Jeanne; it had to happen.

    Michelle and April Anne wore skirts at New Haven. I liked Michelle's number better.

    Your tempo splits were about my race pace on Monday so I'll see you at the beer stand at MCM too.

    Michelle (runninmomma)is also running MCM but has bought into the Sat. night Carbo Dining In event. I am still open from Friday afternoon until Monday morning. Oh yeah; there's the race Sunday morning.