Friday, September 22, 2006

Telling Time

I had a long and terrible day at work yesterday. I also only had 30 minutes to spare for exercise - so that meant no speed workout for me. So I quickly laced up my running shoes and hit the trail for a 5K run.

Gorgeous September early evening. Sun low in the indigo sky. After a half-mile warm-up, I picked up the pace. Said hello to runners I passed. Most did not greet me back.

Whatever. I'm now used to how unfriendly people here are compared to the South and California. And it was so nice outside that the stress I felt from my job temporarily dissolved.

After the run, I looked at my watch. 23 minutes. My spirits lifted even more. That was about 30 seconds faster than my 5K PR. A 7:21/mile avg pace. The run didn't even feel that fast. Just a little brisk.

Then I realized that I read my watch incorrectly: I ran the 5K in a more pedestrian 27 minutes. Ah. Make that an 8:41/mile average pace. Though factoring out the half-mile warm up, I probably ran about 8:20/mile for the remaining 2.6 miles.

Not that it really matters. I'm just glad I got time to run at all. I've been eating way too much chocolate. And fries. And a cheeseburger or two. Oh, and pizza .....

The next time I hit the trail will be this Sunday for
this. Wish me luck. The butterflies are already flitting around in my stomach.


  1. Somehow 'good luck' doesn't seem like the right thing to say because you don't need luck when you have speed and determination and you have both. Godspeed is a little weird, particularly considering my lack of religious conviction. Looks like I'll have to lean on that old but totally appropriate mantra - ROCK IT! I know you will.

  2. bex, if we crossed paths on the trail and you said hello to me, i would wholeheartedly say hello back...loudly! but i'm a georgia girl, maybe that's why. i love when folks say hello when it! so don't stop. have so much fun on sunday!

  3. Good luck in the race today, Bex!!!

    And I have no idea how anyone could eat too much chocolate.

  4. You're supposed to eat the cheeseburger AFTER the 20 miler, silly.

    I am sure you did really well as a great tune-up for MCM.

  5. Have a great time on Sunday, I'm sure you'll do great.

  6. Cannot wait to see how today went... your blog is a really good read!

  7. the watch is a terrible thing. it takes years to master. and I would say HI to you, too! you are en fuego, sistah! WHERE ARE THE RESULTS???????