Friday, October 27, 2006

Pre-Marathon Blues

It's T minus 47 hours until the start of the Marine Corps Marathon. And it hurts when I run.

Muscles in left hip, buttock, and quad are sore and stiff. They don't hurt when I walk. Except when I'm going upstairs. Which is hard to avoid in my house, which has two flights of stairs.

When I run, the sore (pulled?) muscles compromise and shorten my stride, making me swivel my torso to the right, and probably further causing me injury.

I started hurting about a week and a half ago. I ran a couple of fast runs here and there on cambered trails, and the uneven terrain probably helped to cause the injury.

Oh, and I also have a cold. My nose is leaking like a sieve and my throat's sore. Sigh.

But on the bright side, I can still run. I'm not crippled. I just may have to rethink my goal time.

Also - I'm going to dinner tonight in downtown DC with David, Jeanne, Susie, Richie, and several other friends at an RBF meet-up. Look forward to seeing you guys!


  1. Oh no! I hope some ice and ibuprofen will ease the pain and that you don't hurt too much in this race.

    Have fun at dinner. I wish I were there.

  2. Oh gosh....and the weather is lovely, too :)
    so sorry....hope it all goes away by sunday. see you soon!

  3. sounds like you need some ginger tea and a long massage bexwee...

  4. Oh no. Maybe it will be better after 47 hours of rest. Good luck.

  5. Now you tell me you have a cold. Is that why the last seat at the table was next to you :)

    Don't worry, I think I'll still be eating your dust on Sunday!

    Thanks again for setting up dinner tonight. It was great seeing everyone!

  6. You didn't seem sick or injured to me. Are you a sandbagger?
    I very much enjoyed meeting you in person. It was as if we've known each other for a long time.
    Thanks for slaving all afternoon to fix dinner. It was delicious.

  7. SEE? IBUPROFEN! I enjoyed meeting you, too.
    please rest.