Monday, December 04, 2006

Forgot to post these earlier - two photos of me in the Marine Corps Marathon back in October.

Getting fat and lazy:
No run today. And no long run this past weekend. Not good for one racing the Blue & Gray Half-Marathon this Sunday.

But I feel the need to take it easy for a bit. After a week of no running after the Oct. 31 Marine Corps Marathon, I started training again, albeit half-heartedly, for the upcoming half-mary.

Head games: My last long run was a week ago this past Saturday, a 15-miler. In the last 5 miles, a 30-something, fit 6'3" man with lean and muscular legs and wearing an Army 10-Miler shirt came up next to me. We said hello, then he surged and eased ahead.

About 20 yards ahead, he stopped his surge and steadied his pace. And so I gradually ran past him, nodding "hello" again and smiling. Then I heard him quicken his pace.

He was running right behind me, using me to draft him. Huh! His footfalls landed heavily right behind my own. I felt he was about to clip my heels. Distracting, to say the least. But I wasn't going to slow down.

Or stop. If he wanted to pass me, he'd have to run faster.
I kept to the right in case he wanted to. He didn't. I checked my Garmin. Our pace was 8:57/mile. Not fast. But by this time, I was close to bonking. I had run out of water (stupidly going out with only a half-full water bottle) and I forgot to bring any GU with me. Plus, I had already run 10 miles, and had run a hilly 5-miler the day before.

I didn't try to outkick him. After all, I had 5 more miles to run. But I gradually ran a little faster, bringing our pace down to 8:45/mile. When I flew down the hills, so did he. When I ran up the hills, he followed close behind. We ran 3 miles this way. I was a little peeved. Was he trying to psych me out? Did he not realize how close he was running to me ?

Free at last: We came to a fork in the road. Only two more miles to go. I headed to the right, bracing myself for the last hill, where I was going to try to drop him. But to my surprise, he ran to the left. Smiling and waving, he called out, "Good running!" and disappeared from sight.

Well. Okay.


  1. Love the pics - you look quite happy in the first one.

    As for Mr. Drafter - sounds like he was really clueless and had no idea how annoying his behavior was. Weird.

    Lastly - what is that old addage about resting x days for y miles of the race? I'm pretty sure you broke it - big time ;-)

    Good luck in the 1/2!

  2. fat my ass! and a 15-miler! i'm so jealous. i used to be able to do that.

  3. Nice photos... I like how the first is all happy and the second is very determined.

  4. 6'3" and he's trying to draft behind you? There's not a lot of people he can draft behind. I'm thinking he smelled a good fight ... you should've TKO'd him!

  5. Great pictures. I love happy runners.