Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Off to the Plains

Packing my Ugg boots: I head to Nebraska this morning for a news story. Will be there for three days. I can hardly contain my excitement. I'll be traveling between Lincoln, Omaha, and a few small towns in the middle of the state.

Actually, I'm sure I will enjoy the state's Midwestern hospitality (so different from the no-nonsense and indifferent attitude of many in Washington, D.C.) and some good hearty meals (thank God I like beef). Know any good running routes in Lincoln?!

Marine Corps Marathon update: One runner died of heart failure in this marathon. But another man, who also had a heart attack at the start of the race, survived. Here's what happened to him after he was taken to the hospital, and thoughts by experts on whether marathoning is too much of a good thing for the heart.


  1. Have fun in Nebraska - sounds chilly but it should be a good change of pace.

    I love that NYT article - especially the survivors concluding comment. Now THAT guy is a runner.

    I do wish I could talk my HMO into one of those spiral CT scans for my heart. Just in case....

  2. Thanks for the article link. Interesting story.

    Sorry, no tips on running routes in Nebraska! Hope you enjoy your trip. I'll be flying overhead on Thu night on the way to Chicago.

  3. All my people are in Auburn, not far from the big city of Lincoln. Be sure to stop and fill your tank with corn fuel and get some staples at the Jack & Jill grocery. Safe travel.

  4. Good luck in the mid-west. Just take a deep breath and turn down the gain a little. You'll have fun and will certainly not go home hungry.