Thursday, February 15, 2007

Checking In

Hi y'all. Much has happened over the past month or so.

Some travel. Lots of work deadlines (and they just keep comin'). A little music-making (I bought a v. cool digital keyboard and now re-learning J.S. Bach's Inventions and Sinfonias and a Brahms etude). A good amount of running here in the frigid environs of our nation's capital (here's a photo of me and Nelson a couple of weeks ago).

And almost as much doughnut-eating. The employees at my local Dunkin' Doughnuts know I favor the chocolate-sprinkle variety.

It's only mid-February, and I've already fallen off the New Year's Resolutions bandwagon on two counts: Blogging at least three times a week and limiting my sweets intake to only twice a week.

But to make up for it, in the next week, I'll have a pretty cool announcement. Related to running. But gotta keep it under my (neon) hat until the powers-that-be make it public.

My first 2007 race is this Saturday: the George Washington Birthday 10K in Alexandria, Va. It'll be a good check of my fitness level. And depending on the results, I may just have another doughnut ...


  1. Oh come on I hate cliffhangers. Just tell us, Pleassseeeeeee. ;-)

  2. I'm pretty sure you'll kill that 10K.

    I had to laugh at your response to the 'are you a competitive runner' over at CRN. Too funny - YOU ANIMAL! :-)

  3. WHAT!?! I'll get it outta you--one way or another.

  4. Bob - Lemme check on one thing and get back to you. It also means that I'm going to be outed. I will no longer be known here just as Bex!

  5. The drama and mystery... I love it!

  6. The pending news announcement sounds almost as exciting as those donuts. Can't wait (for either)!

  7. I'm counting on Jeanne to deliver the goods ...

    I was in DC last night, and it was frigid. I couldn't believe some people were still running. I was looking to see if they were you or Miss Not Born To Run.

    Good luck on the 10K. I was thinking of my first race too this weekend - a 4 miler, but I STILL have not decided if I'll do it. Sigh.

  8. Cool dog! I just love running with mine; of course, he never has to run on snow.

    Don't fret falling off the wagon. This week can always be the first week you start keeping your resolutions.

    Best of luck this week. Sounds like fun.

  9. Poor Nelson is wearing the same outfit he wears in the middle of the summer. Where's his sweater???? Animal abuse.

    I think sweets no more than twice a week is too tough a standard. Maybe skipping twice a week makes sense.

    Run your little classical music buns off this weekend. We want to hear how fit you are.