Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Island Girl

It's been a week in Paradise, and while I'm not a kama'aina (local), I sure feel comfortable here. I'm writing from the verandah of our hotel in Keauhou (back on the west coast of the Big Island, after driving completely around it), just as the sun is rising.

I leave late tomorrow evening, but I've still got two full days to do stuff: snorkel, visit some hei'aus (ancient Hawaiian sacred sites), tour one or two more coffee farms, eat more one 'kine grinds (great local food).

So just a quick post to say I'm doing just fine. The first photo is of me lounging two days ago at Waialea Beach, otherwise known as Beach 69 (get your mind out of the gutter), because it's located between telephone poles labeled 69 and 70.

The second is of me trying to swing from a tree rope into the ocean. But the rope was meant for kids only, apparently, as the tree branches groaned beneath my weight. The third is of sunset last night from the hotel verandah.

Coming up: Running across lava fields in the 90 degree heat, running by smashed coqui frogs, and sprinting past wildly-barking dogs that wanted to tear me to shreds.


  1. Those were picture postcard perfect. Have I mentioned that I'm jealous?

    Enjoy the rest of your stay!

  2. i'm jealous. i hate you.

    enjoy the last few days in paradise. i still day dream about my last trip to hawaii during my runs.

  3. Have a good run before you leave. The pictures are perfect. I couldn't help by laugh at your comment about the tree groaning under your weight ... if they wanted to hear the tree groan, let me take a crack at the rope.

  4. Wow...kinda neat looking at the photos of your hometown! We were probably there around the same time. We live just uphill from Keauhou. I spent my life at that golf course there. And yes, the runs are humid, very very few kama'aina seem to run there, and it's hard to find flat runs with wide shoulders- hence repeated runs on or to Ali'i drive, Old A, and runs to the (new) airport!!! Glad to hear you liked it though!!!

  5. Whoa! Some people have all the fun. Sounds fab.

    ps - you forgot to way "wish you were here!"

  6. absolutely gorgeous! (hawaii AND you! :))

  7. When you say "daughter of the golden west" I can see you are very far west, have a golden tan and you are obviously somebody's lovely daughter.

    Of course we will welcome you back to the pasty white post-winter east coast whenever you get here.

    Travel safe.

  8. wow, can't wait to hear more about the lava fields!

  9. why didn't i leave a comment?! i know...i was busy having a week in hell and i didn't want to ruin it for you!

    you look gorgeous.