Monday, July 02, 2007

Just call me jackass

I'm feeling obdurate. I've gotten a couple of sarcastic comments about my not blogging about the Tahoe relay yet. Grrr.

I'm stubborn as a mule, as E. can tell you. So now I'm loathe to write about the race 'til I'm good and ready. I know it's been late in coming. But I've got a lot on my plate:

- logging long hours at work

- getting ready for our upcoming move to California

- spiffying up our house and finding and interviewing prospective renters (we're keeping our house, as well as our condo)

- looking for a house to either rent or buy in Los Angeles, AND

- looking for a house to buy at Lake Tahoe

Don't ask on that last one. Too much to explain.

By the way, the photo is of me at 2 years old, mad as hell that I had to wear a frilly dress that scratched my neck and pigtails so tight my scalp tingled in pain. I felt as misanthropic then as I feel right about now. Not much has changed.

Running Update: Did an easy 5 miles last Saturday, then logged 10 miles alone (oh, bliss!) Sunday morning. But the first mile was horrible. I wasn't quite awake yet and I felt sluggish and tired. Just ugggh. My time on that 1st mile proved it: 10:09. I shuffled a bit faster the second mile, but my legs still felt like two lead weights.

The third mile, my body started to warm up and I thought, "OK, this running thing? Ain't so bad."

The 4th mile was like butter: 9:09. So were the rest of the miles. I did slow down a bit per Coach's advice on long runs: run between :45 and 1:30 slower per mile than marathon goal pace (mine is 8:36/mile). So my average pace on that long run was 9:25/mile.

And I even did it without fluids. Okay, pipe down. Humidity was relatively low and it wasn't sweltering hot. So I was fine. Ten miles is the max I'll run without water or Gatorade.


  1. Oh my - why do we do things like that to little girls? You look positively - defeated. Poor little thing. Perhaps it was at that point that you decided you would learn to run so fast no one could ever catch you again and stuff you in a crazy white, scratchy dress like that.

  2. that's a LOT of real estate! you've got a lot on your plate. i'd make the same face.

  3. With all you having going, you've got to keep running! Good luck with it all, Bex. Hope we can touch base before you move. When's the big day?

  4. That picture is so perfect. I love it!

    I've had a similarly hard time posting about the relays I've done; I think it's such an amazing experience that it's just hard to feel like you've done it justice in written form.

    Good luck with the move!

  5. blah blah blah. write the damn report already!

  6. jackass!? why do you want us to call you a jackass. Won't a donkey do just fine?

    We here in blogland are sorta like that 10 miler alone. Silent sanctity with comments.

  7. Holy moly. Someone in your house must be making major coin if you can afford three or four mortgages. Good luck finding good renters. And with the move. I'm glad mine's over. Now, to just get the television out of the middle of the living room floor....

  8. WOW! Big cross country move! Good luck with everything...

    Love the picture. It's funny, I have a similar picture as a flower girl with the most hideous orange dress and I looked like I was hatin' on life.

  9. Thanks for increasing my vocabulary by 2 words. Now drink up girl!