Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Skirt discount and track workout

Atalanta Athleticwear was kind enough to send me their new skirt, the Inspiration, to try out recently. I admit, I was a bit skeptical at first.
No outside pockets adorn it, unlike Atalanta's Commitment skirt, which I love. However, it sports two inside pockets, one on each hip, big enough to hold a key and license in one, and a credit card and lip balm in the other. So that's good.
Also, the Inspiration ($48) is whisper-light and soft, perfect for hot-weather running. The Inspiration doesn't have shorts, but instead, an attached brief. Which is also good for hot weather, but for one caveat: If you're prone to chub rub, you may be better off wearing the Commitment or other skirt with shorts underneath.
Though, if anything, that gives one another good reason to put down that extra apres-dinner cookie. So, overall, I give it a thumbs-up.
Skirt discount: Right now, Atalanta is giving a 10 percent "friends and family" discount on all online purchases. And you're my buds, right?! So here it is: Enter the promo code, perfectten, at check-out.
Track workout: A drenching rain cooled the weather by a few degrees, but it was still in the upper 80's and v. humid when we ran tonight. It felt like we were breathing cotton, the air was so dense.
The fairly light drill: 2 X 1200, 2 X 800, 2 X 400. We jogged 400 between reps. Coach told us to take it easy tonight because of the heat. According to my pace chart to hit a 3:45 marathon, I should run the 1200's in about 5:34, and even a little slower because of the weather. Then the 800's in about 3:37, and the 400's in about 1:34.
How I did:
1st 1200: 5:28 (too fast)
2nd 1200: 5:31 (still a little fast)
1st 800: 3:35
2nd 800: 3:38
1st 400: 1:34
2nd 400: 1:34
I'm getting better about gauging my speed. I'm off to pick up E. at the airport now, but I'll write soon about the various personalities at the track: the arrogant runners who think they're better than they are and the modest, friendly runners who are FAST. One of them is even on the professional Luna Chix triathlon team ...


  1. Nice, consistent intervals, congrats.

    I don't the whole running skirt thing, but if it works for you, go for it.

  2. see, i think the panty-lining works best for chub rub...no seams on the shorts to get in the way. once you're lubed you're good to go...and thanks for passing on the discount info :)

  3. hmmmm, I haven't tried ANY skirts yet. Maybe this is the time....

  4. wow you are really hitting the mark.

    you make the skirt sound so inviting...it just might be TIME!

  5. Your time goals are similar to mine. I am shooting for the Boston Marathon in 2008. My best time is 3:49. Now I am in the next age category, so I only have to hit 3:50.
    I've never worn a running skirt. Do you really like them?

  6. Lisa: Yes, the running skirts are fabulous. They are way more comfortable than shorts. A skirt doesn't ride up, like shorts are wont to do.

    Phil: Thanks on the intervals. Trying to get faster!

    Susie: It's time! You'll never go back.

  7. congrats on the tough rainy workout! And for the promo running skirt. You're on your way to full on sponsorship!

  8. I'm eagerly awaiting the personality rundown on the track. On Tuesday, our track club's fastest runners began to spontaneously applaud when the slowest among us finally finished up their circuits. Guess that kind of encouragement's lacking where you train?

  9. sounds like you're skirting the issue on the Luna Chix.