Monday, August 27, 2007

I lost 600 pounds and lived to tell the tale!

We're in the midst of packing and moving hell. The movers come Thursday morning, and our exhaustion is now tinged with desperation, as we still have so much to do.

This is a photo of our third-floor loft space at the moment, which doubles as my home office and our den. Lovely, right?!

Losing poundage: We have donated, given away, and recycled lots of stuff. LOTS. At least 600 pounds worth.

A very short list, in no particular order: loveseat. sofa chair/ottoman. bookcase. small entertainment unit. table lamp. about 350 books. about 250 magazines. two film cameras and two tape recorders. electric blanket. shoes. clothes, including a tuxedo. flatware. baskets. brand-new picture frames. vases. two boomboxes. a decorative mirror. more clothes. kitchen stuff. office supplies and stationery.

Running: Running? What running? Well, I did manage to do 36 miles last week. I missed my long run yesterday with my group, and it looks like I won't be able to do it this week. But I did run a pretty hard interval workout last Friday night: 7 X 800's at 7:18/mile pace, with only a 2-minute recovery in-between. Felt tired but elated afterwards.



  1. You gave away sterling silverware? Someone got lucky! In fact, sounds like a lot of people got lucky.

    So - do you feel 600 pounds lighter?

    36 miles is nothing to sneeze at. Sounds like you are hanging in there!

  2. My bad - I changed silverware to 'flatware.' Yes, I feel slimmer, but I still have another 100 pounds to go ... :-)

  3. you know the saying: lose a friend, gain a loveseat!

  4. Well, at least you'll have 600 fewer pounds to unpack! :-) Good luck!

  5. you can reward yourself with in-n-out burger!!!

  6. (1) 36 miles (a) without a long run, and (b) while you're moving??? Impressive. (2) I've been there, this is the worst process. Lucky we have great friends to help us along. Looks like you found at least one righteous owner for some of your belongings ( ;) Hi Jeanne.), so that should give you some comfort. I already miss ya, and I already headed west (almost)! Good luck! -A.

  7. Feels good to get rid of all the stuff you don't need huh?

    36 miles is a good week.

  8. Good luck with the move. Look forward to seeing you check in from your new place!

  9. I hope Jeanne got the heads up on the giveaway. By her comment I guess she needed a loveseat.

    In the future, learn from the master. Garage sale! Lots of fun time and it feels like free money when you're done.
    Plus the shoppers are never short on entertainment value.