Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Procrastination Central

So I missed my long run this past Sunday because we were driving to Tahoe. And I missed it yesterday because we were too busy shopping for stuff to decorate our house and because we had to drop off a rental SUV in Reno.

And now it's 10 AM on a beautiful Tuesday morning ... and I'm putting off my long run. Sixteen miles in high altitude. Brisk 45-50 degree weather.

I feel like a fat lazy wimp.

But I'd so much rather go to the farmer's market (lots o' pumpkins now) and get groceries for tonight's dinner. Or take our dog to the lake so he can go swimming. Or just going for a walk and take in the autumn colors at a more leisurely pace.

But the Carlsbad Marathon awaits. OK, it's 3 months away. But still.

California Fires: The fires in Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Bernardino counties have devastates and displaced hundreds of families. The Santa Ana winds, which are partly to blame, were incredibly fierce this year. We almost got blown off the freeway on Saturday night, the same night the fires started.

As the holidays approach, please think of donating to charities that will help these families.


  1. A great reminder to give to those less fortunate. Thank you for that.

  2. the fires are horrible.

    and i hate running, so you have my blessing!

    see ya saturday!