Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Quick Trip to DC for MCM!

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Hey y'all. I had a mini-holiday in Washington, D.C. last week. Flew out of Tahoe to Los Angeles, then on to DC last Thursday night to see friends, cheer on runners at the Marine Corps Marathon, check on our places there, and did some work-related stuff.

That's Jeanne, me, K., and Peter after dinner the night before the Marine Corps Marathon. None of us raced it this year, although Peter ran in a friend, H., and K. also ran part of the way with a friend. Also, I knew that a number of folks from Miles Ahead, my summer training group sponsored by Pacers running stores, raced it.

By the way, the first-place woman at MCM, Kristen Henehan (2:51:14), trains with Pacers' elite women team, and ran in our track workouts sometimes! I bet my (now former) coach for the program is chuffed about it. Here's the Washington Post story on MCM. And here's another story in a regional running publication.

I returned late last night (really, early this morning). Whew. I'll post more photos, courtesy of Jeanne, here in a minute.


  1. Thanks for the links to the race accounts.

  2. That is so cool about your track partner winning!

    what do you think about the winners' times? seemed a bit slow, given the perfect conditions, don't you think?

    Still fantastic though.