Tuesday, January 15, 2008

T Minus Four Days to Carlsbad

Time has seemed to move so quickly since the new year began. Work is once again eating up my life. And my apathy about running continues. Yes, I still run. But not as much as I should, even in this taper period.

And with not much enthusiasm.

After work yesterday, I ran 12.4 miles. I just couldn't bring myself to do my last long run over the weekend (though I convinced Jeanne to run). There were so many other things to do! Like watching this (spooky). And picnicking in the park. So much easier on your cardio system than pounding out the miles.

But I did run that 12.4 miler at an average 8:43/mile pace. I guestimate that most of my run was around 9:10/mile, but I logged several miles faster than usual.

Ouch: Oh, and my right foot hurts. I twisted it a little over a week ago, during my second-to-last long run before Carlsbad. 15.5 miles. In fact, I twisted it several times, but I kept running (well, limping for a bit). "Shake it off," I told myself. And I did. Until I twisted it again.

It hurt quite badly the next day. Now the pain - a bit more than a twinge, but not bad enough to need wrapping - comes and goes.

Tapeworm: And ... I am eating everything in sight. My appetite knows no bounds. Pasta. Rice. Cookies. Strawberry ice cream. Chicken tacos. Hmm .. getting hungry again ....


  1. why do these things always happen during taper week??? I hope your foot is ok! you should have rested it! sigh.

    and everyone i know is suffering from the tapeworm thing. must be the season.


  2. I agree w/ Jeanne about resting your foot! Sounds like you need a much need break after Carlsbad.

  3. Yes yes - rest the foot and good luck in Carlsbad.

    That movie looks uber creepy - in a good way.

  4. I'm curious to learn about your experience Carlsbad. It gets harder and harder to travel out of state and this one looks like it might be worth making the trip south from Santa Barbara next year.

    Hopefully the foot isn't too bad. Two words - "ibu" "profen"

  5. Take care of the foot this week. Once you've got Carlsbad in your pocket are you going to go the Triple Crown of AFC and La Jolla?

  6. Good luck at Carlsbad. All those 15 mile training runs, and that marathon training run in the rain, you're going to do great.

  7. The eat-it-all urge is very real when the miles pile up and the race start line quickens towards your toes. I am feeling it too.
    Good luck. Hope the weather is ideal and the ankle is sound.

  8. Chow down - one more day! Good luck Bex. You're a fighter - I know you'll be fine.