Wednesday, June 18, 2008

During this Intermission ...

It's 11:15 p.m. and I've spent the past 90 minutes unsuccessfully downloading a bunch of photos from the Tahoe Relay. Very frustrating. Now I'm way too tired tonight to write about the race.

So in this brief interlude, enjoy some photos of our team, the Band of Outsiders. In the photo above, I'm trying on Peter's sunhat that he got in a shopping trip in Reno, on the way to Tahoe.

Here we are on our pre-race hike to Eagle Lake, on the edge of Desolation Wilderness.

Here's all but one member of our team (the Taminator) at happy hour the night before the race.

Here I am on the start of my ill-fated Leg 3.


  1. Uh oh.... the suspense is killing me!

    Too bad you couldn't get the Taminator to lighten up a bit!

  2. I know it was all just for fun but you sure done good.
    Oh wait a minute. Your Bex, the incessant competitor.