Sunday, June 08, 2008

I'm still here!

Hellooooo! I didn't fall off the face of the earth, though it sure feels like it in the blogosphere. I just got so busy with work, running, practicing piano, writing, family stuff etc. You know how it is.

By the way, that's me and my gram in a recent photo - just thought I'd share.

Here's one thing that's been keeping me extra busy lately. And some Web 2.0 stuff. It was nice to be quoted in this New York Times story, although it's quite strange for me to be on the other end of a media interview.

But I'm still here, and I aim to keep blogging more regularly now. You can also connect to me on Facebook. Just give me a shout-out.

Next on my running list: The DeCelle Memorial Lake Tahoe Relay next weekend. Whoo-hoo! With P.! And I'm also going to run the San Francisco Half-Marathon on August 3rd.

It's good to be back.


  1. Happy to see that you've had time to come up for air (and a few blog posts). Read your quote in the NYT. Really cool, but they could have left off the phrase "a thirtysomething". Your authority transcends your age.

    Nice pic of your grand-mother. It's these pictures that you'll cheerish.

  2. Welcome back... Curious about the lander...?

  3. I had to dust off some cobwebs before your page would show ... that was a novel idea using twitter :-)

  4. How avant guard of you to get the Mars explorer a twitter account!