Saturday, August 28, 2004

Gov. Arnold: Everything Must Go!

Blue Light Special: You've got one hour left if you want to head over to Sacramento for the state's biggest garage sale. So far, the Golden State has netted $50,000 from cast-off items such as surfboards, office equipment, a statue of the Governator himself as the Terminator, and a cherry red 1995 Ford Mustang GT coupe.

You can also buy some of the items, including the Ford Mustang, on eBay. The car's highest bid so far, with six hours remaining, is $10,515 -- well above its Blue Book price of $8,560.

From Arnold's press release of the garage sale:

"Eliminating surplus property is just one way we can work together to cleanout the cobwebs of government," said Governor Schwarzenegger. "I am calling on Californians to participate in this historic opportunity to help us eliminate the excess."

The items were seized from police, confiscated from airline passengers, or were just no longer needed in government offices. Some of my favorite items still available online (the eBay sale goes for another 8 days:

Men's 14k gold Figaro necklace (highest bid: $405 with 4 days and 1 hour remaining)
Signed poster of Gov. Schwarzenegger saying "California Wants Your Business." (highest bid: $811 with 8 days and 20 hours remaining)
1995 Blue Ford Escort with 91,235 miles (highest bid: $2,650 with 20 hour and 19 minutes remaining)
4 New Goodyear Regatta Tires (highest bid: $150.06 with 1 hour and 44 minutes remaining)

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